Message From the Author (Dear Reader)

Message from the Author

Dear Reader,

                Thank you for coming along for what was for me, a joy ride.  A Better Pair of Shoes was written to further emphasize Kayla’s journey of recovery.  In the process of that intention, a world of very relatable matters came to the surface.  As was the case with Renegotiating Kayla, in this new book, I leaned on my ability to characterize emotions, pains, hurts, and confusions.  The two main quests of ABPOS were, “Where do we look in the face of failure” and “How do we maintain composure when our past reemerges in our current circumstance”.   As an author of fiction, I never thought to answer the questions for the readers, but present possibilities.  I hope they were enjoyable to read and imagine.  I wish you all the best in all of your quests and questions, and I challenge you in life, to always:  choose honesty, find courage, and acknowledge the Grace of God.    

NaTisha R. Williams

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