A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul", a novel- Chapter 8

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#ABPOS The Thinner Soul, Chp. 8

Reece-   Women in business.  Always a friendly fight. We built what became of Ample Records; the househeld name and phenomenon.  The boys emerged with Ample Sound, but we don't change the records, and so I'm owner of management, Radiance is owner of the brand, and Kaylin walked away with all her publishing rights and most of the fame.  I recently got wind of Death to Forty and the legacy continues.  I'm slouched in my seat when they come through the door one after each other like Dunbars do.  I know it's just the way the clock struck them, and that there's no other reason she's here but to be sure none of our plans for Ample Sound conflicts with Ample Records'.  I'm stunned by her resolve, but we're all stunned by each other's resolve.  They're book publishing royalty and we're new money in music, but it's one room, and we know how we all got here.  I'm sitting upright by the time everyone sits.  Radiance is not far behind those heart shaped lenses. 

"It's either death to forty or here comes that one at the end of forty."  It's Sam and it doesn't appear at first that there will be any response from the royals, but then.. "Nice Shot." 

"So when can I get on the blog?"

"Blogs are for full comebacks." Jeff shoots back, and just like that I'm reminded why we abide coast to coast.  

Everyone is organizing what's in front of them when Kaylin knocks, sticks her head in, and walks in.  She's always welcomed, but it's been a while since she's made it a priority, and I'm curious as to why.  I can see that Radiance goes from Dunbar to "Can we get some bars".  It's what only a few people know and I'm one.  Radiance's got the voice, but Kaylin probably got both games, and that's what keeps them coming.  It's been my the biggest chip I hope to play; to put my royalty in the ring with a management contract on Kaylin.  She has her laptop out and her fingers are already going to work when I launch the question.

"Any decisions on doing an album?"  I glance up and return to my row of papers.

"Maybe a duet with Radiance if it doesn't force me on stage."

"Duets don't make stars, they just say I might be famous."

"And how does songwriters become famous?"  

"What about a 3-song release on Ample Sound?  It gets you off the stage and you can keep the fame."

"Nice shot."  Sam takes a sharp left and leads the meeting.  

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