UnEarth- After 6 Chapters!

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Welcome back to UnEarth!

If you've completed your first six chapters of your new and unfolding Suspended-Release Novel, give yourself a big hooray.  Now go buy yourself dinner and enjoy!  It's that simple.  Reward your life each time you step up to the plate and stand in the grips of the unknown.  Spooky?  We hope not.  But really, Well done!  

Now that you've completed six chapters, try adding an element or two to your original graphic you prepared during the Step 1-7 Set up.  A new and refreshed graphic is a great way to get more attention for your book, and keep your audience on their feet.  If you haven't been updating your social media pages about the book and the new chapters, do so now.  You might simply say, "Don't forget to check in on the blog today and start my new book.  I'm up to chapter six." or "Are you reading my new book?  Catch up now."

These are the types of small but exciting messages that spark audiences to talk about what you have going on, and even subscribe to your blog so that they may receive direct updates.  But don't neglect to ask!

So we got all of that covered, now here's Chapter 7's Big Challenge.  You may read the instructions in the graphic above or just continue here.  Depending on how you've moved through your first six chapters, you'll decide how big or small the challenge will be.  If you've only revealed a single plot, try adding another plot layer to be resolved over the course of the story.  With that, you might even choose to introduce you next character.  Since this is your first book, don't pressure yourself to go beyond three characters that you will develop and keep as a part of the plot's twists and turns.

That's it!

When you ready.. approach your next writing day and challenge with the same excellence and vigor that you brought out since the start.  Don't forget to keep updating your audience weekly about your unfolding book, and be sure that everyone knows the name of that book.

Thank you for joining UnEarth and we'll talk soon.