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Thank you for reading and supporting A Better Pair of Shoes.  I hope you are keeping up with the author and your favorite characters by following The Decks and the Road Novel Series.  If you didn't know, the series is FREE ONLINE!  Just click on the image to open and you can read all about the Suspended-Release of Book 3 and our desire to turn the series into a Daytime-Drama.  Also included you can see what's unfolding in Year 3 of Grace Call Communications, LLC.

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Grace Call Communications Presents Y'ear 3

Keep up with Grace Call Communications and all our Web and Media Events.  Read our latest Press Release. (Click on the image to open a clearer view or to download the document.)

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Renegotiating Kaylin by NaTisha R. Williams

A Backdrop and Synopsis-The year was 2006.  A new novel; the first for author NaTisha R. Williams would enter the much crowded world of literature.  Just like a baby.  However, it would have substantial meaning to those close to the author, and those soon to read it.  The title was Renegotiating Kayla.  The subject?  To many it appeared to be child sexual abuse.  To others, a girlfriend’s confessional or a look inside the misleading lives of four hard to forget characters, but no!  The subject was and still is, just as the title would indicate, “negotiation”.  Now thirteen years later, after a delayed ground-breaking, and a dazzling unfolding of the story, the author returns to renegotiate the inner life of the delicate and yet alluring breakaway star of The Decks and the Road Novel Series, Kaylin Johnson.
Her mother is dead.  Her father is in prison.  Yet, she’s no orphan.  Kaylin is sandwiched between two hugely influential siblings and may …

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Beginning This October:  Join the author of A Better Pair of Shoes for "LLO", an Introductory Workshop on Limited Liability Operations.  
Use the link for ticket information on our October 20th workshop.

#ABPOS on The ReWIRE Show

(click on the image for a clear view)  Don't miss the new season of The ReWIRE Show.  We're managing the storms, and using A Better Pair of Shoes as a reference.  Love the Book??  Join us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm.

Book Reading Parties are Heating Up!

Party goers wear shoes symbolizing characters from the book A Better Pair of Shoes.
A Book Lovers Meet-Up.  It’s not your author-centered book reading.  Come and enjoy Grace Call Communications Presents... Book Reading Parties, as the spotlight is turned on the readers, and they take on character roles from the novel, A Better Pair of Shoes.

For Immediate Release: Coming Spring 2018

Update 3/16/18:

Grace Call Communications, LLC P.O. Box 246211 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

NaTisha Williams, President Grace Call Communications, LLC 754.444.0152

Grace Call Communications Takes ‘A Better Pair of Shoes’ Door-to-Door New Book Reading Parties Will Begin This Spring to Strengthen the Readership of the Ground-Breaking Suspended-Release Novel.
Sunrise, Florida- Small Florida-based publishing and communications company, Grace Call Communications, LLC is not waiting for readers to have a cyber-epiphany.  The company is taking its free online novel on the road with host sponsored book reading parties.  A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel was release as a Suspended-Release Novel in May 2017 and is now on a door-to-door circuit.    

Grace Call Communications president and book author NaTisha Williams released the novel using, and hopes to partner with the company in the future to unveil other aspects of her vision.   Th…