A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul" Novel Synopsis

A Better Pair of Shoes The Thinner Soul, a novel

The Synopsis

Radiance Dunbar is standing between death and rebirth in her music career.  She’s also turning forty.  It’s a good time for reinvention but not exorcism.  That’s the way she sees it, but life has a different idea.  When an unforeseen wedding proposal comes from her newest subject in life and love, she loses all equilibrium and suddenly begins to receive messages from her first love.
In this sequel to A Better Pair of Shoes readers will meet this addition to the collection of shoe types and its meaning which is the tradition of ABPOS.  The Thinner Soul is a soul shaking follow up to A Better Pair of Shoes.  It will push the boundaries in spiritual awareness.  It will test the endurance of love, and it will bring readers onto the chase that Radiance has knowingly or unknowingly been on all her life.  The book’s end reveals the end of Radiance’s residency in her current spiritual dimension. 
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