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Book Synopsis

A Better Pair of Shoes is a seamless and stand alone continuation of the novel Renegotiating Kayla.  The story follows the main character Kayla Ross as she continues to create her road to wholeness.  The new book picks up after Kayla has exposed her father for sexually abusing her in her childhood, and a few months after she has gotten married to Wood.  Newly married yet still living under her old regime of sexually robust desires, Kayla seeks to get help, at the request of her husband.  A Better Pair of Shoes also follows the quickly unraveling lives of the rest of the ladies from Renegotiating Kayla; Camie, Ketly, and Aisha. In this fast-moving, quick- witted, and forcefully relatable offering by the author NaTisha Renee Williams, “a pair of shoes” is used to represent…

Message From the Author (Dear Reader)

Message from the Author
Dear Reader,
                Thank you for coming along for what was for me, a joy ride.  A Better Pair of Shoes was written to further emphasize Kayla’s journey of recovery.  In the process of that intention, a world of very relatable matters came to the surface.  As was the case with Renegotiating Kayla, in this new book, I leaned on my ability to characterize emotions, pains, hurts, and confusions.  The two main quests of ABPOS were, “Where do we look in the face of failure” and “How do we maintain composure when our past reemerges in our current circumstance”.   As an author of fiction, I never thought to answer the questions for the readers, but present possibilities.  I hope they were enjoyable to read and imagine.  I wish you all the best in all of your quests and questions, and I challenge you in life, to always:  choose honesty, find courage, and acknowledge the Grace of God.    

NaTisha R. Williams

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Excerpts from Kayla’s Role the Book… A Better Pair of Shoes, Novel
“My eyes settled on a thin envelope with large cursive writing in heavy blue ink, and I became very curious to know what was enclosed.”
“I sat in silence for a few moments after Camie had dragged her skeleton out of the closet.  I tried to put myself in her shoes and say something similar to the kind of thing I would have wanted to hear, but I couldn’t seem to put the words together.  Eventually, I heard myself mutter “wow”.   This was obviously a hat I had never bothered to try on, and surely there was a good reason why; it just didn’t fit.  ”
“How our individual orbits had directed us both to Dr. Kat Shepherd, I did not know.  As I made the dreadful realization, my heart began to pound fast and hard.  I tried to get a look at my sister without staring or making a fuss.”

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Congratulations to Reece!

Excerpts from Reece’s Appearance in the Book… A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel
“She had a way of talking and smiling at the same time.  Her sway was definitely intentional and sent waves through the large room, but up until now, it was still unknown what it was after.”
“Just then, I noticed Reece at one of the tables across the floor, joined by a couple.  I assumed they were her guests.”
“Reece smiled and just like that; she was gone.”  

Outro! (Thee End!)

A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel

The Outro!
            Ketly and I took all of our dreams and leaped forward.  We’d gotten married the next morning after the engagement party.  We hadn’t shared it with anyone, but we eventually planned to.  It was just us two and Shayne and the Justice.  We’d decided to come together under the penname J.K. Dunbar, but first we needed to make our union official.  I’d handed off my last book to my current publishers, and had found a small up-and-coming publisher in Miami with a notable portfolio and solid ideas.  Ketly wasn’t under contract and was easily on-boarded.  We were still planning on continuing our sessions with Pastor Andre.  After all, we wanted to give our marriage the best possible shot.

My thirtieth birthday had brought lots of magic.  Derek had not disappointed with a bold proposal after we’d dined at a beachside restaurant.  We’d talked so much about it, and I knew it was coming, but that didn’t take anything away from the awe…