UnEarth.. Step 6

Welcome back to UnEarth with Grace Call Communications, LLC! You've been invited to write your first book in 2020 along with the author of A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel.  Coming this August, you will begin your journey of learning our Suspended-Release Novel Formula when you start to write Your First Book.  Today in Step 6 of the set up, we'll cover Graphics, Copyright, and Tags.
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I. Now that you've created your main character, begin to think about how you want to present your book to the world.  Take advantage of our vast resource of technology in apps and on the web to create your imagery.For example here is my graphic for the upcoming book A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul".
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You'll notice in the sample copyright page below which is especially formulated for your Suspended-Release Novel, that we've covered graphics, logos, and subtitles.  Please follow the outlin…

#ABPOS The Thinner Soul- Book Copyright

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A Better Pair of Shoes “The Thinner Soul”a novel Copyright 2020 by Natisha Renee Williams and Grace Call Communications, LLC Also Known As…  #ABPOS The Thinner Soul
All Rights Reserved
All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.  Written permission must be secured from the author Natisha R. Williams and/or Grace Call Communications, LLC to use or reproduce any part of this book, except for brief quotation in critical reviews or articles.
No part of this publication shall be stored in a retrieval system of any sort except the web location ( or ( which this publication is set to be released in advance of printing, in a form by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the permission of the publisher, owner, and author, Natisha R. Williams.
It is herein stated as a matter of record that the pu…

Calling Aspiring Authors! Write Your First Book in 2020

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Grace Call Communications, LLC thanks you for supporting DAR and The VCR Diaires.  Continue your support by spreading the news about our FREE 3-book Novel Series as well as our push to Make the Series A Daytime Drama.  Read March's Newsletter for all the details and more.

UnEarth.. Step 5 "Create Your Main Character!"

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Welcome back to UnEarth! I hope you're enjoying the steps of preparing to Write Your First Book!
If you've missed any steps, or you're just finding out about UnEarth.. Please begin at the beginning.

Use the link to begin now.

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Today in Step 5 you're going to Create Your Main Character! Perhaps you've been thinking of it.  Maybe you've already done so, but if not, Here's the Moment.
Your main character is the personification that will carry your core reasons for writing the book, and will also take the lead on ensuring that your branding is a clear thread throughout the story.

To help you bring your character closer and closer into view, you might ask questions such as:  What might he/she wear.  What might he/she say if blank happened.  What might he/…

UnEarth... Step 4-Meet Your Audience!

Welcome back to UnEarth!   I hope you're enjoying the process of writing your first book with Grace Call Communications, LLC and that you are ready to learn the Suspended-Release Novel Formula.  Today you begin the journey of meeting your audience.   (Click on the Image to open a clearer view)
Are you ready to meet your audience?
Step #4 is easy and fun!  If you're wondering who your audience is.. They are the people who will take an interest in your corresponding emails, social media posts, and blog all leading up to the start of the Suspended-Release of your New Novel.

In the next 2-3 days take the time to set up your new blog.  You may host this blog on any blog hosting site.  The name of your blog will be THE NAME OF YOUR NEW BOOK.

Your First Post will be a short "About the Author".  Since this is your first book... Introduce yourself and welcome your audience.  For Example:  I am first time author Blank Blank.  I live in Blank Blank.  I am currently a Blank or I&#…

UnEarth Your First Book- Step 3

If you're just hearing about UnEarth.. Let's recap!Write Your First Book with Grace Call Communications, LLC's  Suspended-Release Formula.  

What is a Suspended-Release Novel? It's a book whose contents are released in a suspended format which is
dictated by the publisher or the author for the purpose of total audience engagement.

Here's the Good News!
Grace Call Communications has already produced 4 Suspended-Release Novels, and we are ready to unveil the new formula packed with marketing strategies along with book writing tips.

Why it works?
If you've been saying, "I'm going to write a book" and the years continue to pass you by, now is
your time to train yourself in the discipline of writing while having fun and meeting your audience.
Take advantage of this opportunity to raise your voice above the sometimes mono tone of the literary world, and step into the future of artist development already developed.

Coming in 2020
Write your first book while I…

A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul" Novel Synopsis

A Better Pair of Shoes The Thinner Soul, a novel

The Synopsis

Radiance Dunbar is standing between death and rebirth in her music career.  She’s also turning forty.  It’s a good time for reinvention but not exorcism.  That’s the way she sees it, but life has a different idea.  When an unforeseen wedding proposal comes from her newest subject in life and love, she loses all equilibrium and suddenly begins to receive messages from her first love.
In this sequel to A Better Pair of Shoes readers will meet this addition to the collection of shoe types and its meaning which is the tradition of ABPOS.  The Thinner Soul is a soul shaking follow up to A Better Pair of Shoes.  It will push the boundaries in spiritual awareness.  It will test the endurance of love, and it will bring readers onto the chase that Radiance has knowingly or unknowingly been on all her life.  The book’s end reveals the end of Radiance’s residency in her current spiritual dimension. 
Come along for the Suspended-Release o…