UnEarth, Step 7.. Write, write, write!

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"Intro Outro Nitro" ... Let's Go
Welcome to A Better Pair of Shoes, The Thinner Soul..  a novel, by NaTisha R. Williams

The Thinner Soul is no Merill Lynch.  Late lawn care.. three picnic tables, and no ring.  I'm here to see him.  He cares to see me, but blue lights.  

She took a one-way.  I took two ways.  Nothing matters when mustard and peach comes together.  P.A. not P.I. is the latest name in games.  But wedding dresses call and shoe game got names.   

Have you ever had a dress of any kind delivered by a Dunbar?  I have and it's still a moment to realize.   
A Better Pair of Shoes “The Thinner Soul”a novel
Copyright 2020 by Natisha Renee Williams and Grace Call Communications, LLC
Also Known As…  #ABPOS The Thinner Soul

All Rights Reserved

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.  Written permission must be secured from the author Natisha R. Williams and/or Grace Call Communications, LLC to use or reproduce any part of this book, except for brief quotation in critical reviews or articles.

...don't miss the lead into the new book. Yep, that's it! The Intro. Now time to write yours.  You have two days. Book begins on the count of... Three?

It's the same writer and the same Grace Call Communications, but fun is fun and work is work.  Read between the lines and jump to it. Don't try to figure out what's going to happen.. You're becoming an Author and it's unfolding now.

When you've finished your intro.. Update your friends, colleagues, and associates on Social Media.

It should sound something like.. "Yep, it's still 2020 and it's go time. Read my new intro to my unfolding novel titled blank blank."

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