UnEarth.. Step 5 "Create Your Main Character!"

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Today in Step 5 you're going to Create Your Main Character!

Perhaps you've been thinking of it.  Maybe you've already done so, but if not, Here's the Moment.
Your main character is the personification that will carry your core reasons for writing the book, and will also take the lead on ensuring that your branding is a clear thread throughout the story.

To help you bring your character closer and closer into view, you might ask questions such as:  What might he/she wear.  What might he/she say if blank happened.  What might he/she eat.  Where might he/she live or work... etc. 

See your character through the entire plot or story that you've been considering.  Where other characters you develop to support your main character or to support your plot may not have a finality; the main character will.  Therefore you should know before you start writing where you're taking this character. 

Once you've accomplished this then think about developing other characters as needed.  Since it's your first book, try to keep the number of significant characters to two or three.  When this is complete, you might make your next post an introduction to your key characters.  You might choose a few lines for each or you might decide to do profiles and just list key identifiers. 

Take a few weeks to do this.  Sleep on your ideas.  Do not rush. 
Then return here on March 13th for the last step before we break.