UnEarth Your First Book- Step 3

If you're just hearing about UnEarth.. Let's recap!

Write Your First Book with Grace Call Communications, LLC's 
Suspended-Release Formula.  

What is a Suspended-Release Novel?
It's a book whose contents are released in a suspended format which is
dictated by the publisher or the author for the purpose of total audience engagement.

Here's the Good News!
Grace Call Communications has already produced 4 Suspended-Release Novels, and we are ready to unveil the new formula packed with marketing strategies along with book writing tips.

Why it works?
If you've been saying, "I'm going to write a book" and the years continue to pass you by, now is
your time to train yourself in the discipline of writing while having fun and meeting your audience.
Take advantage of this opportunity to raise your voice above the sometimes mono tone of the literary world, and step into the future of artist development already developed.

Coming in 2020
Write your first book while I'm writing my sequel to A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel.  Let's use media together to Empower, Encourage, and Enrich Lives.  Stay up to date right here at abetterpairofshoes.blogspot.com or keep up with Grace Call Communications, LLC on Fb at www.facebook.com/theWisebull

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Onto Step 3..

It's time to produce: Write or commission your Book Synopsis to be delivered to your Family, Friends, Associates, and Co-Workers between February 12th and 14th.  Use email and/or Social Media.  The subject should read: "Read my New Book Synopsis" 

Branding is About Recollection:  Let's make it memorable!  Now that you have your new book title, create a "Slogan", "Sub-header", or "Hashtag".  

For Example: Given the name of my book is A Better Pair of Shoes.. If I wanted to create a slogan or accompanying thought; something memorable... I might say: "Sometimes Instead of Asking Others to Walk a Mile in Your Shoes, You Might Just Get A Better Pair of Shoes."

This would not just become a long sentence I want people to remember, but it would be something to get them thinking and considering what my book might be about.  My synopsis then would not elaborate, but build on their curiosity.

In My Case: My sub-header or sub-title is "The Thinner Soul", therefore my hashtag might be
#thethinnersoul.  If this were the case, I would build interest around this point; isolating the attention of my reader and not having them to continue to consider all the moving parts of the book. 

In My Case 2: Because my main character is not an entirely new character, I am able to use the phrase "The Thinner Soul"  together with my synopsis without necessarily having to brand or explain the phrase.

Give it A Try- Step 1: Create a subheader of 5-8 words, a slogan that connects with an already established thought, or an easy to remember hashtag.  Use this in a creative way as you present your book synopsis or include it within the actual body of the synopsis.

Give it A Try- Step 2: Use the time frame to create fun delivery styles and methods.  Ex. You might create graphics that indicate that you are sending a present or even sending love.

In My Case: I might say, "Sending Out Universal Love" this Valentine's Day with the release of "My New Book Synopsis"  enjoy the read!

Don't Be Shy... Go UnEarth Your Book Synopsis!

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