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March 16, 2018

NaTisha Williams, President
Grace Call Communications, LLC

Grace Call Communications Takes ‘A Better Pair of Shoes’ Door-to-Door
New Book Reading Parties Will Begin This Spring to Strengthen the Readership of the Ground-Breaking Suspended-Release Novel.

Sunrise, Florida- Small Florida-based publishing and communications company, Grace Call Communications, LLC is not waiting for readers to have a cyber-epiphany.  The company is taking its free online novel on the road with host sponsored book reading parties.  A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel was release as a Suspended-Release Novel in May 2017 and is now on a door-to-door circuit.    

Grace Call Communications president and book author NaTisha Williams released the novel using, and hopes to partner with the company in the future to unveil other aspects of her vision.   The book which is written in character point of view is expected to make this interactive event a winner for Grace Call Communications, who is also set to begin offering event branding and other communication services this year. 

The company who released the first ever Suspended-Release Novel in its first year of business, and is always looking for ways to improve audience engagement for writers, communicators, and entrepreneurs, continues to find more avenues to do so, as well as publish in more affordable ways.

The first of these parties are set to begin on April 7th, 2018 in Miramar.  Readers can expect fun, laughter, and inspiration from this completely free of charge night out.  To learn more about Grace Call Communications, A Better Pair of Shoes, and its latest Suspended-Release Novel Series, go to:
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Become a Host
Grace Call Communications Presents Book Reading Parties

About the Event

            Attendees will read and discuss the novel A Better Pair of Shoes, a Free, online book.  Readers get to bring the characters to life by reading the actions and point of view of each main character.  Guests are asked to wear the shoes assigned to their favorite character.  Refreshments are served, and one guest will walk away with a copy of one of the author’s previous books.  Guest will also receive gift bags, which sponsors can choose to supply or pay for inserts.

Duration: 4hrs
Party Size: 8-12 in-home and Up to 25 in a larger venue
Day: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
Location: Host Provides
Incentive: Free Design Services

About the Book

            A Better Pair of Shoes is a seamless continuation of the novel Renegotiating Kayla.  In this fast-moving, quick-witted, and forcefully relatable offering by the author NaTisha Renee Williams, “a pair of shoes” is used to represent a state of consciousness. 

The new book picks up after Kayla has exposed her father for sexually abusing her in her childhood and a few months after she has gotten married to Wood.  Newly married, yet still living under her old regime of sexually robust desires, Kayla seeks to get help at the request of her husband.  The novel also follows the quickly unraveling lives of the rest of the ladies from Renegotiating Kayla; Camie, Ketly, and Aisha.
In terms of shoes, Camie is said to be “a platform”; mounted up and deceivingly constructed, while Ketly is called “a wedge”; comfortable and carefree.  The author refers to Aisha as “a stiletto”; narrow minded and daring, and names Kayla “a sneaker”; grounded and designed to absorb pressure. 

Williams invites readers on a transformational journey with the four ladies.

About Grace Call Communications­

            Gcc is a Branding Consultancy with an Emphasis on Publishing and Communications.  We utilize media to empower, encourage, and enrich lives.  Our Book Reading Parties are designed to engage audiences, cross markets, and spread the message of Grace.  Contact: 754.444.0152