2nd Award Presentation, "Best U-Turn Ever"

Congratulations Aisha!

Excerpts from Aisha's Role in the Book... 

 A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel

"Finally, after a half hour of waiting, the Doctor called for me.  I got up slowly hoping to down play my urgent need for the visit." 

"Tony and I were happily married!  I was sure of it—so how could I have ended up with this?  It just wasn’t possible.  ...Funny, how when I was way out there, I hadn’t caught a single thing—not even the flu..."  

"I found the crumpled piece of paper hiding behind one foot of the bed, and opened it up to Evan’s sloppy writing.  I punched the first three numbers into my cellphone and stopped.  What am I doing?  I punched in the last four numbers, and I hit talk without another thought."