For Immediate Release

Grace Call Communications, LLC
P.O. Box 246211 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

May 16, 2017

NaTisha Williams, President
Grace Call Communications, LLC
Small Florida-Based Communications Company Finds New Interactive Ways to Publish Books and Meet Audience Engagement Needs.

Sunrise, Florida- Forget all the waiting.  A new open-book method of book publishing awaits authors and e-book readers alike.  This interactive use of current technology brings the reading audience into the mind of the writer, and also allows writers to include suggestions and themes directly from their audiences as they progress through the publishing process. 

Grace Call Communications president and book author NaTisha Williams will release her latest novel, A Better Pair of Shoes using and hopes to partner with the company to unveil other aspects of her vision; in order to encourage profitability for publishers as well.  Williams, who is an experienced writer and publisher, plans to offer a well formatted and edited prose, to be appreciated by the avid book reader. 

Grace Call Communications will begin its suspended release of the novel which had some of its chapters leaked to the media by an unknown source, but which has not been completed, on Thursday, May 18th.  The author will submit ear fulls of the book’s content twice-weekly and will connect with readers through social media channels.

The new book A Better Pair of Shoes is a seamless continuation of the author’s first novel, Renegotiating Kayla and supports the author’s ongoing efforts to get women thinking more deeply about healing emotional wounds, and finding the courage to stand in the face of failure. 

Both Grace Call Communications and Williams are excited and hopeful about the outcome of this latest attempt to find more avenues to engage with audiences and to publish in more affordable ways.

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