Before We Begin....

Meet Kayla

Behind her ravishing looks,
Her designer wear,
Welcoming smile,
And seemingly free spirit,
Lies her starving soul,
Her depleted esteem,
And the absence of confidence,
Witness the searching for self.
Meet the woman,
The girl,
The child,
Sentenced to adult life,
Armed with mistrust,
And scarred intensely by the memories of abuse,
Confused by what love truly means,
Tarnished by the hands of a man,
Not knowing that where she’s running from,
Is exactly where she’ll land.
She’s simply reacting to life,
And this one so full of strife,
But it’s time the beast is beheaded.
His hand-print must be erased,
From her skin,
His claws must be ejected,
From her heart,
His grip must be loosened,
From her neck!
Return to her the ability to scream for help.
Return to her the feeling of purity,
Lead her towards maturity,
Place her before her true identity,
Free her mind,
And body,
From their ruthless captivity,
Tear down the foreign walls,
In her chest cavity,
Give her chastity,
And a much needed sanity,
Spiritual virginity!
Relieve her of her duties,
In this living nightmare,
Teach her not to hide her tears,
Or be ashamed of what they bear,
Teach her to fear,
Nothing but God,
And let her know,
He did not forsake her,
See, in her,
He built great character,
She’s a gladiator,
And a survivor,

Meet Kayla.