Chapter 2 and 3, Aisha's Surprise and Ketly's Crush

A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel
Chapters 2 and 3

Aisha’s Surprise

Running low on patience, I sat shifting in my seat, in the small lobby of my doctor’s office.  My appointment time had come and gone.  This kind of blatant disregard for appointment times was typical, but the itching sensation I was experiencing between my legs made it quite a nuisance.  I tried to make my constant shifting less obvious by looking at my watch each time, but the frequent checks only made me seem neurotic and overly impatient.  Finally, after a half hour of waiting, the Doctor called for me.  I got up slowly hoping to down play my urgent need for the visit.  Dr. Roberts read the small summary I gave about my problem, and began with a series of questions that added to my annoyance.  A few quick glimpses later; I heard the words I’d never thought I would have to.
“I’ll run some test for your benefit, but this appears to be gonorrhea.”  Dr. Roberts said with no compassion for the fact that I was now a married woman. 
“What?  It can’t be!”  I was so embarrassed.
“I’m sorry but I see this stuff all the time.”  She responded nonchalantly.  I didn’t know if she was talking about the STD or the obvious fact that my husband had a lot of explaining to do.  She cleaned the area, applied something heavily, and walked out the room without another word.  I quickly grew a dislike for the woman who had looked after my vagina for almost a decade.  This was a side of her that I had not seen before; probably because I had never needed her to be caring.  I had never contracted an STD; even when I was…..  Never mind, that’s none of your business!  The point is… I’m not just another number or time slot!  Did she have any idea what this meant?  Hell, I didn’t even know what it meant.  Tony and I were happily married!  I was sure of it—so how could I have ended up with this?  It just wasn’t possible. 
Outside, I sat in the parking lot totally bewildered.  I was only a year into my marriage. “This can’t be happening to me.  Please, God!!  I don’t deserve this.  I’m in love with this man and I need him to be in love with me too.” 

I sat in silence and allowed my mind to continue to wander off without me.  I didn’t know what to do; where to go.  I just wasn’t ready to face this.  I spotted one of the nurses exiting the building, and I quickly started my car.  I couldn’t let her see me in turmoil.  I was successful, smart, radiant, and the envy of many.  I wasn’t supposed to end up here; sitting in my car, full of embarrassment; afraid to confront my husband!

Ketly’s Crush

I stood there in the hall admiring the woman that had stopped me just a few steps from the door to my apartment to frolic with my son.  She was so entranced by Shayne’s bubbly personality, and I was equally entranced by her big smile, filled with snow white teeth and pink gums.  I couldn’t help but notice her subtle boyish demeanor that was completely opposite of her looks.  Her eyelashes were long and thick and made her hazel eyes pop.  Here lips were pale and appeared soft but with no evident help. She wore her relaxed hair in a mid-high ponytail that showed off her oval shaped face.  Her accessories consisted of a pair of diamond studs in her ears and a black rubber band on her wrist.  She was dressed quite casually; with a white tang top, khaki Bermuda shorts, and a pair of brown leather flip flops.  At the end of the woman’s infatuation with Shayne, whom I was carrying in my arms, she looked up at me and we exchanged smiles.  She then extended her hand to greet me.
“I’m Raina.  I just moved in.”
“Nice to meet you Raina, I’m Ketly.”  I said politely.
“I think he’s adorable!  How old is he?”
“Seven Months.”  I responded with a smile as I glanced down at Shayne.
“Is he your first?”  Raina asked
“Yes!”  I responded swiftly to the question that I found myself answering more and more frequently.
“Well, I won’t take up anymore of your time Ketly.  I just couldn’t resist.  He is truly a bundle of joy!”  I smiled politely, said thanks, and proceeded to my apartment.  Raina disappeared into the unit two doors down from mine.

            Inside I placed Shayne in his playpen and sat on my couch wondering what had just happened.  Why was I so strongly attracted to this woman?  Had she really been intrigued with Shayne or was she flirting with me?  And if she was flirting with me—was it because she thought I was a lesbian?  Yes I had fooled around with girls back when I was in college, but I loved men!  I loved sex with men! Not to mention, I hadn’t even gotten over my break up with Jeff, and I surely hadn’t gotten over the “A” game he ran right over me.  Funny, he was now releasing a novel called “Any Woman I Wanted”, detailing his main character’s life of womanizing and unfaithfulness.  I couldn’t help but feel like I was just a prop, or some sort of experiment in his twisted world...  Yet my son was no experiment or mistake.  He was just what Raina had described him as—a bundle of joy!


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