UnEarth... Step 4-Meet Your Audience!

Welcome back to UnEarth! 

 I hope you're enjoying the process of writing your first book with Grace Call Communications, LLC and that you are ready to learn the Suspended-Release Novel Formula.  Today you begin the journey of meeting your audience.  
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Are you ready to meet your audience?
Step #4 is easy and fun!  If you're wondering who your audience is.. They are the people who will take an interest in your corresponding emails, social media posts, and blog all leading up to the start of the Suspended-Release of your New Novel.

In the next 2-3 days take the time to set up your new blog.  You may host this blog on any blog hosting site.  The name of your blog will be THE NAME OF YOUR NEW BOOK.

Your First Post will be a short "About the Author".  Since this is your first book... Introduce yourself and welcome your audience.  For Example:  I am first time author Blank Blank.  I live in Blank Blank.  I am currently a Blank or I'm currently employed as Blank.  I'm writing __________ because....  Then list any other relevant information that you feel will help you connect with your audience based on the book that you are writing.

Remember the Book Branding that you have chosen, and continue along the path of interweaving it into everything concerning the blog; mainly using it in your blog description.

Your Second Post will be your "Book Synopsis".  After you have done this, invite your existing contacts to follow your blog.  You may choose to also create social media pages relating to your new book.  Do not past Step #4 in any of your messages or correspondents.  Keep your info simple and clean.  Focus on getting readers and potential readers connected to your Blog.

Enjoy Step #4 and return here on February 28th for Step #5.