UnEarth- After 7 Chapters!

Thank you for joining UnEarth: A Suspended-Release Book Event!

Now that you've created your sub-plot and have introduced up to 3 new characters for your first book, let's return to Book Branding and add a few Marketing Strategies.
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This is a great way to engage your audience and update or remind your friends and family to keep following the unfolding new novel you're writing.  A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul", a novel will be referencing as a tradition, the styles of shoes that corresponds with the four main female characters in the book.  Here in "After 7" I'll show you how to use profiling to introduce your characters in a fun way to your growing audience and get the attention of new readers.

Meet Radiance Dunbar! (from the Intro of The Thinner Soul)

"The Thinner Soul is no Merill Lynch.  Late lawn care.. three picnic tables, and no ring.  I'm here to see him.  He cares to see me, but blue lights.  

She took a one-way.  I took two ways.  Nothing matters when mustard and peach comes together.  P.A. not P.I. is the latest name in games.  But wedding dresses call and shoe game got names.   

Have you ever had a dress of any kind delivered by a Dunbar truck?  I have and it's still a moment to realize."

Radiance Dunbar..

A peach Sandal.  A sunbather.  Not forty but thirty-nine.  It's record number six and "Death to Forty" is not a bluff.  What does it take to double your record when family is no family?  Follow the blue lights in the Epic rebirth of Radiance Dunbar as she returns to the stage.

Introduce with a social media post to your book's followers your main characters now by giving a brief character profile as shown above.  Use this opportunity to add buzz by previewing more about your character.  From here, take a load off and enjoy writing your story.  Use A Better Pair of Shoes "The Thinner Soul" as a guide throughout the writing process and I'll give more pointers after Chapter 21.

Enjoy the Adventure and Good Luck!