Chapter 27 and 28, Camie Gets Back to Motherhood and Aisha Creates Space

A Better Pair of Shoes, a novel
Chapter 27 and 28

Camie Gets Back to Motherhood

I decided to take Hannah shopping for some things for her new bedroom.  On the way there, I was able to pick her brain and hear all about her life.  I was curious to learn more about her and know how things were going at school and at home. 
            “So, think you’ll invite any of the kids from school to your party on Sunday?”
            “Yeah, I think Rebecca, Josie, and Summer.”
            “Nice!  Well I’ll be sure to give you some invitations to hand out.”  It made me happy to know that Hannah had a group of friends. 
            “And how are you enjoying hanging out with your dad?”
            “I like it.  He’s really cool.  We always go to the movies or wall climbing.”  Hannah’s eyes were lit up.”
            “That sounds like fun for sure!”  I was delighted by how much Hannah was into her dad.                      “So, how’s everything at home?”   
            “Do you ever do really fun things with Aunt Eri and Natalie?”
            “Sometimes.  But Nat and I don’t get along much lately.”  Hannah confessed
            “Why not?”  I was surprised to learn of this. 
            “I don’t know—she’s just mean sometimes.  And aunt Eri never takes my side.  Then uncle Nate and aunt Eri ends up fighting—and he’ll say… Don’t you think it’s time Jennifer steps in?”  I was disappointed to hear the hurt in Hannah’s voice.  I didn’t realize how much of an orphan she had begun to feel.  I just remember her being so jolly the last time I was home.  I knew Nat was four years older that Hannah, but I thought they would always share a bond.  All of a sudden, I was thankful to know that Derek had returned, and was spending time with Hannah.   Naturally, I became more intrigued by the thought of us being a family.  I smiled briefly at the thought of Derek, Hannah, and I living under one roof.  What a dream that would be.  And the fact that the chances weren’t so slim made it all the more exciting to think of. 

Aisha Creates Space

I decided I needed to create some real distance between Tony and I, and instead of making things really complicated, I asked Ketly if I could crash with her for a few weeks.  I wasn’t sure how I would fair in a household with a small child, but I didn’t want to be completely alone during this time.  I thought it would also be nice for me and Ketly to catch up.

I’d spent the last few days thinking about the possibility of having an emotional affair with Evan, but I decided not to bring my old skin into my marriage.  Furthermore, I wanted nothing to do with another man.  Tony had been everything I had hoped for up until this point.  I knew where my heart lied— I just needed to schedule a meeting where my head and heart could get on the same page.  Perhaps, the time at Ketly’s would provide me the room to get them together.  Not to mention, Ketly was solid.  She always gave great advice, and wasn’t a highly emotional person.  I packed two large suitcases, and left a note for Tony on the kitchen table. 

            At Ketly’s I couldn’t help but notice how extremely simple she was.  It was obvious that Camie had never gotten her hands on the small space.  It was a great looking building and was perfectly located near all the major highways, but the inside of her condo could certainly use a makeover.  The laminate counter tops, white appliances, and over worn furniture, made Ketly look unaccomplished.  The walls were littered with all types of cultural art, but other than the oversized wall unit, and the two-piece furniture set, the living space just wasn’t very inviting.  I was glad to see that the floors were nicely polished however.  Funny, I hadn’t realized how much our friendship was set to the world, and not much else.  I suppose, as young and independent women, there was no need to get so deep, but now as we were maturing and building families, the dynamics were really going through a rebirthing. 

            I sat on the long sofa, and watched Ketly as he rocked Shayne to sleep.  I thought it was cute, but I also thought it wasn’t my speed.  I had no desire to be a mom at this point in my life.  Tony had mentioned it a few times, but I just reminded him that we would be together for a life time.  Now, that lifetime was under attack.  Our dream was dwindling away.  Sad, neither one of us seemed to be ready, or willing to go through the fire to save it. 

            I sat eagerly waiting for Ketly to finish up with Shayne, so we could talk a bit.  I wanted to understand what had happened between her and Jeff.  I needed to know if she was really doing okay.

            “So let me get this straight—you go there to be there for him, and he uses his breath to punish you?”  I needed to clarify what I was hearing.
            “Pretty much.”  Ketly was now sitting next to me, with one leg tucked under the other, and with a glass of wine.  I had never seen her so sad.  Surely, she was not a ten personality, but she was definitely a seven or eight.  Looking at her now; her light was dim. 
            “So what’s next KK?”
            “I’m not sure, but Shayne deserves my focus right now.”
            “I agree.”  I nodded.
            “What about you?  What are you going to do?”  Ketly asked, and we continued to toggle back and forth with the same seeming question… of “what now”.  Neither of us knew, and both of us appeared to be somewhat exhausted by the thought, but I knew that we would be ready to put one foot in front of the other, just as soon as it became necessary.  We were built that way.

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